Isola di San Giorgio vista da Bacino San Marco
Panorama Isola di San Giorgio
The best itineraries and tourist routes in Venice for short,
medium and long term
to experience the city like
a true Venetian.

Where to go and what to see.
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Useful information and advice on itineraries

Starting your visit from Santa Lucia’s train station or from one of the other points of interest reported on ROUTES, many paths are immediately available chained and linked together, allowing you to reach the most hidden, and characteristic corner of this wonderful and unique city.

The itineraries studied by us are designed to accompany tourists around the city without the classic map in their hands and without getting them lost using the bridges as connection points and reference, and providing them with photographs to find themselves immediately in place.

All our walking trails are in PDF format, downloadable on Tablet, Smartphone and PC or printable on paper.

Within each route we have dedicated a special page where we point out:

the approximate length of the course, the number of bridges to cross and travel time: very useful to plan your walk.

- What to see: :along with the route you can download the boards related to the places and monuments that are of interest to us and that you will find along each path;

- fountains of drinking water: :beware, not all are always open; it is useful to bring along a water bottle!

- stopping places and public parks: :stopping places and public parks: where to stay especially in the hot summer days and where to make a picnic in the shade;

- the public toilets;

- the supermarkets;

- the traghettior the gondola-tragheto which allows you to cross the Grand Canal in a few minutes spending up to two Euros per person.

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